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True Feelings
"Man, what happened yesterday?" Laying down in the comforts of her own bed was the blue vixen herself, Marcela. The fox was still processing the events that happened yesterday and still couldn't believe that they happened. Did she get carried away with pleasing the German Shepherd? The look on his face and the moans he made echoed throughout the inside of her head. Chester told her to give him the Griffon City treatment and to make him feel welcomed, but in reality that didn't go as planned. That was the first time she ever did any of those things with a boy and she just couldn't get over it.
These thoughts never left her head. It was as if they were trying to tell her something. Was he the one for her? They just met but everything felt so right with him. Never in her life would she have expected that a shy boy would be her type but he was just so kind and nice. Someone like him would never hurt her or put her down. He came off as extremely loyal and trusting as well. Despite being shy
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Mature content
A Lovely Day in Griffon City :iconsaur-ssb:Saur-ssb 5 59
Derek's New Friends
"I'm still surprised you wanted to hang out with a guy like me Chester. You seem like quite the polar opposite when it comes to me." Walking down the road with his feline friend was Ryan Cortes. The deer decided to spend today having fun instead of doing research and this allowed him to meet up with Chester.
"You're friends with Marcela and I'm friends with her. If we're both friends with her then surely we can relate somehow, right? And besides, when we all got together to do that Q and A thing you seemed like a pretty fun guy. I'm not the analytic and research type of guy you are but I know we can just talk and have fun." Chester was in 100% agreement when he heard Ryan say they were like polar opposites. Knowing that made Chester curious as he knew he could be great friends with the deer. Marcela was sorta similar to Chester and he knew that. Obviously she met the deer in school meaning it was easier for them to become friends but if she can do it then why couldn't he?
Ryan nodded h
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Easier Said then Done :iconsaur-ssb:Saur-ssb 8 13
A Deal with a Fox
It wasn't usual for Stacy and Marcos to do normal couple things but today was an exception. The two friends were laying down together on a couch looking through old photos they had taken together or of each other. There were quite a lot of Stacy being held upside down and tickled but Marcos also had his share of deep butt poke pictures. Those weren't his brightest moments but they made for some funny photos.
As they were scrolling through pictures Stacy started to noticed that they made it into the bondage section of the photos and immediately noticed that they were all of Marcos. Each picture show cased the fox being either tied up or restricted in some way. She found it funny how it was never her in any of these situations and mocked the fox for it.
This didn't sit well with Marcos as he knew what it was like being in his position. Having no ways to escape because the rope or tape restricted all of his movement was something Stacy didn't quite understand. To her, it was always fun an
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Q and A
A few days ago Isaac had finally started an idea that he had always wanted to do. He had some friends and others who were interested in him so why not try a Q and A? In his mind he was probably only expecting like five or six questions as anyone could ask him anything at any moment. So to prevent this he decided to bring two of his closes friends with him as that way he could hopefully get more of a variety of questions. Isaac didn't seem himself as an interesting fox so hopefully Chester and Stacy could help bring some life into this event. Both Stacy and Chester were curious if they could bring a friend or two as that would increase the amount of questions and add some variety as well.
Once everything was set up and Isaac was given the names of who would be joining him, the fox then made plans on which day the event would happen on. Everyone agreed that they could make it on that day and the Q and A would soon take place.
It was 3 P.M. and the weather was already a lot cooler than it
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Unusual Duo
Today was a slightly different day for Isaac. His feline friend was no where to be found around him and Stacy was off who knows where. In fact, he was with a completely different friend today. Tina Conejit, Stacy's housemate and another bunny Isaac was acquaintance to was the friend of choice for today.
Normally the two friends wouldn't normally hang out together by themselves but Stacy and Marcos had a fun idea of wanting to know what it would be like if another bunny and fox spent a day together. Obviously they weren't expecting the two to have kinky fun but the idea was interesting enough to try out.
"So Isaac, what do you do for fun anyway? If you're anything like Stacy is then odds are you don't know much about the fun things we do here. Not to mention you're a fox so maybe you can sorta relate to the foxes we have here?"
Isaac rubbed the back of his head as this was a question he hated to answer. A simple answer could be given but he wouldn't be happy with that. He was a complica
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Couldn't Ask for a Better Feel :iconsaur-ssb:Saur-ssb 6 0
Friendly Fun
"So what are plans for today Chester? Should we go out and eat or something simple like just stay in the apartment and play games? I'm willing to do whatever." Laying down on one of the hotel beds next to his buddy Chester was Isaac. The fox wasn't really doing much and for once he actually wanted to do something that wasn't rest.
"Actually, I kinda have other plans for today. You can walk with me there if you want but after that I'll have to go alone from there." Today was planning out to be a different day for the cheetah. Usually his days consisted of him and Isaac doing things together but not today. 
"Wait, if I can walk with you there but not join whatever it is you are doing then what's the point of me coming then? Isn't that like saying, I'm going out to go eat with friends but you can't come. You can walk with me there just for us to leave and you have to walk back. That doesn't sound very fun for me." Isaac chuckled at the thought as he knew Chester wouldn't ever just le
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Marcela Shapaun :iconsaur-ssb:Saur-ssb 10 17
A Hexy Breakfast
Another day, another reason not to get out of bed. Laying down in the comforts of a hotel bed was the orange fox himself, Isaac. If there was one thing he struggled with it was getting out of bed and today he was feeling lazier than normal. After eating all the food that he did eat last night the fox kinda knocked himself out and was currently regretting his decision. But it tasted so good and it was free, sorta.
Pulling his phone out, Isaac checked the time and noticed that it was almost 11 in the morning. Even if he was lazy and didn't want to move he realized that it was better if he did. Now that he was out the bed breakfast needed to be made, his teeth needed to be brushed, clothes needed to be changed, and he had to get out the apartment and do something with Chester. Then, it hit him. Where was Chester? And why was there only one bed?
Slowly, Isaac started to inspect his apartment room. None of his games were here and he barely had any clothes in his dresser to wear. Looking out
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A Sweet Surprise
There are plenty of moments in life where someone says, "That's weird". But how many people can actually say that they were inside of a giant cake? Sitting inside a giant hollow wooden cake was a dog by the name of Sophie Mondieu. Many first time lookers would think that she's a wolf of some sorts but truth be told she was a dog. How she ended up in the cake was a long story.
A day before all of this happened Sophie was relaxing on her couch enjoying the comforts of her own home. All of a sudden she heard her door bell ring followed up by a "Delivery!" When she went to answer the door she was met with a small yellow and white bunny in a mail suit. From stories that Kurfust and Marcos told her, Stacy was a very ki
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Tickle Fun :iconsaur-ssb:Saur-ssb 10 149
The Better Fox: Isaac vs Alex
Today was the day that Isaac and Alex finally set aside their differences and see who was the better fox. Both of the canines had changed out of their casual clothes and went home to wear something more appropriate for the event. A t-shirt and a pair of gym shorts were the desired outfits they wanted to wear as they would be extremely comfortable in that.
There wasn't a crowd to watch the boys compete against each other and that made them a little sad for all the wrong reasons. Neither of them really cared about winning as they just wanted to put the other fox down and into the ground where they belonged. Winning felt good, but beating the guy who thought he was better than you felt even better.
Inside of Isaac's head was where he was thinking of how easy this would be. Alex? Who was that? Some Lion from Madagascar? That guy was a circus act. A clown. Sure he was good at what he knew but he crumbled when it came to anything that he was unfamiliar with. Isaac was completely sure that he
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Rivals: Isaac and Alex
When most people come home from a long vacation they usually feel nostalgia as it was always great to be home again. But for Isaac, that feeling couldn't be further from the truth. Once again he had to come back to San Diego to collect some more things and whenever he did visited it was for a few days as plane tickets didn't grow on trees and he needed to get his money worth.
The thing he hated the most about coming back home was the fact that it was barren. Most of his stuff was already sent back to Griffon City and he didn't want to constantly send things back and forward. No one lived in this house but him so it often felt very lonely and depressing. And he never told anyone when he would come back so it wasn't like anyone was expecting him. Sure, he could probably call some friends and see if they were available but they probably weren't.
Wanting to get out his house immediately, the orange fox walked out his house and locked the door behind him. Now he needed to figure out where t
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Rose Valentine :iconsaur-ssb:Saur-ssb 4 10
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Journal History

Saur's Roster by Saur-ssbI have 6 characters and I wanna try and write a story with all 6 of them interacting. Maybe all in a living room watching tv or something but that isn't what's important. Think of questions you would ask your friends and don't be afraid to ask as many questions as you want! The more questions the better! You can ask questions specifically for one character or for all of them.
Just something I felt like doing for fun. I could probably add this to the bio but ehh

Isaac: Isaac more than any of my other characters tends to think with the wrong head. Having a small amount of pleasure isn't enough for the fox as little teases can lead him into trying to get more. He likes to feel good about himself and tends to stay in places that'll help him stay in those moods. He's also very bad at accepting help. Sometimes he'll completely deny help from others even when he desperately needs help. In his eyes others will only help someone because no one wants to be associated with someone who looks sad and depressed. If someone isn't smiling and having fun then they'll be looked down on for dragging others down.

Stacy: Stacy feels it's her responsibility as a good friend to make sure those that are around her are happy. If there is someone who is sad and needs help then she should be with them and help them until they start feeling better. Because of this, she can feel really bad about herself if she can't help someone as that meant she failed as a friend.

Chester: Chester isn't the most accepting feline. Because of the things in his past he has a hard time accepting someone if they even resemble something he hates. He knows not everyone is as simple as black and white but doesn't really care if that is the case until he is proven they're different.

Rose: Rose lacks knowledge on a lot of common things. She could ask someone a question they aren't comfortable with and wouldn't understand why they felt the way she did. Emotions like sorrow, guilt, and agony are just some things she doesn't understand. She grew up with only love from her parents and was never hurt by anything or anyone until her sister's death. Even things like emotional pain are foreign to her as she just wouldn't understand why someone would cry over hearing something sad or horrible.
Most likely for future references and in case people asks questions for them or need to know something about them.

Saur's Roster by Saur-ssb

Isaac Tobias by Saur-ssb Isaac by Saur-ssb
Name: Isaac Tobias
Height: 5'9 Feet (1.78 meters)
Weight: 150 lbs (68 Kg)
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Eye color: Blue/purple
Color: Normally an orangish red but can be a creamish color at times
Age: 18
Birthday: July 5
Species: Red Fox
Origin: Louisiana 
Current Residence: Griffon City
Likes: Hanging with friends, joking around, teasing, flirting, eating, trying new things out (Only with friends), butts, playing games, writing
Dislikes: People who use others, people who always expect free things without putting in effort, dishonest people, being alone with nothing to do, having people talk for him, when people shove their interests into his face, being left out, not getting credit for his work

Personality: Isaac is someone who isn't really scared to do things unless it's something really embarrassing. He's the type of friend who tries to help other friends when they really need it. Most occasions he's very sarcastic when he jokes but tries to keep his sarcastic ways with only people he knows understand him. Doesn't think much of himself. To him, he's just being a friend and just thinks what he does is something everyone is capable of. Isaac has his moments when he just doesn't care about anything. When he's in this mood he doesn't talk much and purposely ignores people until he feels better.

Relationship with Stacy: Even as far back as childhood/Elementary, Isaac knew Stacy despite the five year difference. They were best friends as kids and often spent their whole day with each other. Their parents knew each other allowing them to go on vacations with each other and do many different things that only really close friends could do. At the time Isaac had a crush on Stacy but he was to young and Stacy told him to wait a couple of years. Nowadays he still loves Stacy but he sees her more as a mother. When Stacy left to live in Griffin City it felt like a part of his life was ripped away from him but he understood that at some point they would have to separate eventually.

Relationship with Chester: From Kindergarten to sophomore year in high school, Isaac had known Chester for quite some time. Before leaving home, Isaac and Chester looked completely different making their current reunion an unfamiliar one. While they weren't best friends and only knew each other in school, they were rather good friends. Isaac was seen as the nicer and more laid back friend of Chester and people often compared the two since they were always around each other in school. Because of Chester, Isaac found out that he wasn't really into sports and preferred to just lay back and do his own thing. Despite this, he is still happy that Chester kept him on his feet and was a big reason why he didn't become a total slouch.

Personal Quotes: "I don't tell others how to live their life so don't tell me how to live mine."
"What's the point of having a lot of friends when odds are they're just people you know and not really friends?"
"Not everyone is going to like me so why bother trying to win them over?"
"If you spend all your time talking to haters instead of friends and love ones then you're messing up somewhere."
"Ass is better than tits and I refuse to believe anything else."
"These aren't gloves people! My hands are just this white."

How he sees himself: He thinks that he has a lot of room to improve. There's so much more he could be doing that he's not. Needs to hang out more with other friends. Thinks he cares to much about the wrong things. To lazy and needs to exercise more, 

Past: Isaac lived a fairly normal life with with his friends and family. Being the only child he was shown nothing but love from his family and grew to listen to whatever they said as that was what he was taught. Stereotypes were something the fox never really had problems with as he grew up in schools were stereotypes were just used as jokes and nothing else. From those jokes he managed to learn that not every animal is exactly how others talk about them. Some of them might be true while others might just be misconceptions. As he is originally from Louisiana, Isaac moved around quite a bit before settling down in his current residence and in that time he was split up from friends quite a lot. At a very young age Stacy had to move out the state as her parents found work somewhere else. This was Isaac's first time experiencing what loss felt like as Stacy was a friend he saw everyday at school and was someone who would often visit him at home. Through this he learned people could just disappear out your life at any time. It wasn't until junior year of high school where he would finally move out of Louisiana and head to California. The move was sudden and at the time Isaac wasn't really a social person so he never bothered to get any of his friends' numbers. Friends like Chester were left behind in Louisiana and Isaac thought he would never see any of them ever again. His first few weeks in California were rough. He knew nothing about the state and really couldn't make any friends with anyone. Everything was just different and he couldn't adjust to how different everything was. He managed to make associates with some of the students in his school but he couldn't really call any of them friends. It wasn't until the summer of his junior year were he made his first friend, but that friend wasn't a student in his school. Any friend Isaac did make was with someone out of his school.

Parents: Isaac often thinks of his parents but not even he knows what happened to them. After moving to California, Isaac's parents received an invite to go on an all expense paid trip to the Bahamas. The only problem was that the trip paid for 2 instead of 3. Isaac told his family that he was old enough to watch himself for a week or two and that everything would be fine. His parents were happy to hear that and decided that since Isaac was fine with it then they could go on the trip. They left Isaac with some money as they knew they could trust him not to spend it all right away and they were right. Isaac managed to hold onto the money for quite sometime. The trip to the Bahamas proved to be not what they expected and they were stuck there for quite sometime. His parents sent letters and phone calls to Isaac as they wanted to tell their son that they were fine and would be sending money to him from time to time to help him pay for the bills and anything else he would need. Eventually Isaac told them how he met up with Stacy and how she was now living with him to make sure he wasn't feeling lonely or anything like that. This made his parents happy to hear but they felt bad that they couldn't be there for their son. Seeing as Stacy was an adult at the time, they decided to allow Stacy to be a legal guardian over Isaac as they knew from past experiences that Stacy was a really close and good friend to Isaac. Things started to look really bad when letters and phone calls weren't going through anymore. Whenever they tried to call Isaac the call wouldn't go through anymore and to make things worst they were still stuck on the Bahamas. They tried looking for the captain of the ship they took here but he was nowhere to be found. During this time Isaac really started to worry about why his mom and dad stopped calling. Did something happen to them? Did they stop caring about him? He didn't know for sure but he was certain he would hear from them again. However, that wasn't the case. A letter was sent to his house one day containing info about his parents and what happened to them but he never received it as someone else had got hold of it before he did. To this day, Isaac doesn't know where they are or what happened to them. He doubts they're dead as he believes he would of heard news or received a letter explaining the situation. He just believes that his parents just lost interest in him. They were gone so long without him that maybe they loved having no child to worry about. It sadden him to think this but that was the only thing that made sense to him.

Fun with the Fans by Saur-ssb Info about the prankters! STACY AGE UPDATED XD by DingoPatagonico
Name: Stacy Buns
Height (not counting ears): 5 feet (1.52 meters) 
Weight: 100 lbs (45.35 Kg)
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Eye color: Blue
Color: Main color is a bright yellow with various white areas. White feet, paws, ears, and tails
Age: 23
Birthday: November 1
Species: Silver Marten
Origin: Louisiana 
Current Residence: Griffon City
Likes: Traveling, shopping, meeting new people, hanging with friends, observing people, getting people to help her with her work, feeling in charge, making people feel happy, going places with Tina, swimming, exploring Griffon City
Dislikes: Rude customers, people who don't listen and pretend to listen, ignorant people who refuse to change their ways, most meat products, people who call her short (except friends), 

Personality: Because of her old job she meets many different types of customers and because of this her personality can change at times. Most times she's a happy outgoing person who enjoys life. Stacy can be a bit sassy at times when she has to make a point or when dealing with rude customers. When it comes with people she is really close to she can be very motherly at times. The happiness of a good friend is what matters the most to her and she would put their happiness before hers. Ever since her encounter with her friends in Griffon City, Stacy has become a more kinky girl around her friends. An attraction to bondage and a love for teasing her friends had become a staple in Stacy's mindset as now it's like she can't live without doing those things. As long as everyone's having fun with her prankster ways then she has no reason to not act like this.

Relationship with Isaac: Since Stacy started school late, she was placed in a grade level below what others her age were in. Because of this she was able to meet Isaac. Immediately she noticed how friendly and caring he was towards her but at the time he was just a five year old boy and she was a ten year old girl so things wouldn't have worked out. Nowadays she sees Isaac as a son or "her baby boy". Stacy is also Isaac's legal guardian as his parents knew that they could trust her since she knew him for years and was practically like a family member anyway. Being Isaac's guardian did eventually leave Stacy with some bad news as she has yet to tell Isaac about the news. 

Relationship with Chester: Despite only really knowing Chester through Isaac and their few encounters through elementary, Stacy got to know him very well. Immediately she found out about his flirty ways and how he had an interests in her but she saw him only as a little kid and couldn't see him pass being a cute cub. After a few years, the two acquaintances finally got a chance to really talk and get to know each other. They don't get to do much or see each other often but they both try to keep Isaac happy whenever they're around

Relationship with Rose: In Stacy's eyes Rose is just another one of her crazy friends she met in Griffon City. The fox is very strange as one minute she's a shy and lonely girl and then another moment she's a completely different fox. This interested Stacy and caused her to wonder what Rose's true personality is. Every time they're with friends Stacy tries her best to let Rose know that she can just be herself and try to have fun. They may seem like complete opposites at first glance, but over time one can see the parallels in their personalities and their wants. 

Personal Quotes: "I care about the happiness of my friends more than my own happiness but if I'm not happy then don't expect me to cater to your needs."
"You can ask me anything you want but don't get mad if my answer is not to your liking. Lets just agree to disagree."
"If the first thing you tell a girl is that she's hot or that you want to date her then you shouldn't get mad when she just walks away."
"I swear some men who be able to think properly if they didn't have dicks for brains."
"Tina, I feel you like my ass and breast more than some males would."

How she sees herself: Single and jobless so obviously something is wrong, very relaxed and easy going, a person who likes to try new things, very open minded, motherly, shorter than she would like to be

Current Work: After spending some time in Griffon City Stacy decided to become a Mail Bunny because of her friends recommendations. She already knew part of the city already and she saw this as a chance to explore more of the city. Due to her light weight and small body, she's normally assigned to carry small and light packages. With the roller blades she was given by her job, moving to point A to point B is relatively easy and very fast as she makes sure to get packages to their destination on time, unless it's for Marcos.

Guilt: For most of her life, Stacy was an honest girl. She never saw a reason to lie to anyone as she would rather people be honest with her than to have them lie to her. She always tried her best to be straightforward with someone as well as doing it in a way that would make them feel good about it. Stacy was always quite motherly in this way as seeing people happy made her happy. However, there was an exception she made where she received a letter that was meant for Isaac. Upon reading the letter she noticed it was about Isaac's parents and where they were. Apparently they did make it to the Bahamas but a series of unfortunate events had happened there. The captain of the ship was killed as well as the other workers who knew how to drive the ship. Their bodies were hidden so that no one would suspect anything suspicious. It wasn't much later until the killers struck again as anyone who was awake as they invaded everyone's rooms during their the raid was killed. Unfortunately for Isaac, his parents were caught up in this act. Stacy knew that if Isaac heard this that it would destroy him. But at the same time she also knew that she would have to tell him eventually as hiding this from him forever would be wrong. Luckily for her, Isaac never mentions his parents to anyone but when she starts to think of his parents she feels a burning feeling going on in her heart as she knows that what she's hiding shouldn't stay a secret. 
Chester Monroe by Saur-ssb
Name: Chester Monroe
Height: 5'7 (1.7 meters)
Weight: 130 lbs (58.97 Kg)
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Eye Color: Blue
Age: 18
Birthday: June 29th
Species: Cheetah
Origin: Louisiana 
Current Residence: Griffon City
Likes: Exercising, track, racing, working out, competition, playing games, women, being right, hanging with friends, winning
Dislikes: Procrastination, being wrong, waiting for to long, ignorance, people who can't back up their talk, general laziness
Personality: Chester is more of an actor than a thinker but he doesn't always rush into things head first. If he doesn't ever understand something then he will take the time to understand what happen. People often look at Chester and think he's a very cocky person but he doesn't see it that way. Him being cocky is how he shows his confidence. He believes in his abilities and always gives it his all when he's interested. Sometimes his ego can be a bit too big for his head but he realizes this and sees this as his way of learning.

Relationship with Isaac: Chester originally knew Isaac back before his fur turned orange but back then Chester was a small and scrawny kid. He saw himself as the one who balanced Isaac out. Where Isaac was care free and didn't think to highly of himself, Chester cared a lot about himself and was very prideful. There were a lot of times when he became jealous of Isaac because many people saw him as cute and at the time Isaac didn't know what love was. As they grew older he grew slightly less jealous of Isaac since he wasn't as oblivious to girls anymore. Once Isaac moved away he didn't really have much to really do. In this time he got serious about track and went on to be the MVP of various track meets.

Relationship with Stacy: While he didn't know Stacy in the same way Isaac knew her, he still had interest in her even at his young age. It was because of Stacy he wanted to prove to others that he could accomplish any goal he set his mind out to. When Stacy left he was a little upset as he wanted another chance to redeem himself but he saw this as a chance to further himself as a person. Over a decade later he finally has his chance to redeem himself but this time he isn't a young cub anymore. He knows that if things don't work out then things just won't work out. After a few years he finally had a chance to meet Stacy again but in that time he had changed quiet a bit. He was no longer the hard headed and brash cheetah that looked at something he wanted and said he would get it. Now he was more realistic and recognized what he could and couldn't get. He sees Stacy as a great friend and does her the favor of watching over Isaac whenever he's around.

Personal Quotes: "Last time I checked, you problems didn't involve me."
"If you want me or others to take you seriously then take yourself seriously first. A joke is nothing but a joke and will be laughed at."
"There's nothing wrong with losing, you know, if you like losing."
"Competitive competition is a place to win and nothing else. If you can't handle people wanting to win then I don't wanna hear another thing from you.
"I don't agree with Isaac on a lot of things but you can't tell me that tits is better than ass."
"You shouldn't be happy about a loss unless you learned something from that loss."

How he sees himself: Very well in shape, great build, fastest runner out of his friends, an ignorant cheetah who needs to try certain things out, someone with old bad habits, still in development 

Rose And Kurfust by Saur-ssb
Name: Rose Valentine
Height: 5'5 (1.67 meters)
Weight: 120 lbs (54.43 Kg)
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Eye Color: Light blue
Age: 21
Birthday: May 27
Species: Fox
Origin: Miami, Florida
Current Residence: Griffon City
Likes: Flowers, calm environments, sweets, being 
Dislikes: Foul smells, rude behavior,
Personality: Loner, kind, sweet, quiet

Relationship with Isaac: No relations

Relationship with Stacy: The two girls met as a result of Rose seeking new friends. Rose was introduced to Stacy by Kurfust Klendathu as both were friends of the dog and Rose thought to herself that if Stacy is a friend of Kurfust then she must be a nice person. Most of their time together is spent with Stacy showing Rose various ways on how to make their friends laugh and have fun. Rose sees Stacy as another friend who can help her learn about others as well as learning how let loose and have fun.
Relationship with Chester: No relations

Description: Rose is mostly a loner. She has next to no friends and moved away from family to find peace and quiet. Because of her love for peace and quiet she prefers to stay home and tend to her garden but sometimes she feels like she might be missing out on some experiences in life and due to this she might be seen out her house very rarely. Unlike Isaac, Stacy, and Chester, she has no relationships with any of the other characters and she knows nothing of them. However, Rose has a shell and underneath that shell is a completely different person. Rose is someone who likes to experiment with ideas and wonder what certain things is like. These things have not been seen by others, however.

Personal Quotes: "Being surrounded by silence is sometimes all the company I need"
"Why force yourself into being someone you're not? I won't judge you"
"I don't like loud noises. Can you quiet i down? Please?"

Summary: Rose is a fox who prefers to be in quiet areas by herself. While Rose can be a loner and a little hard to get close to, she has shown signs that she can be good friends with others. She's very interested in flowers and can often be found snapping pictures of them. If someone is to get close to Rose then they'll get to see how she really is. When she does feel comfortable around someone she tends to get a little too comfortable.

Why Rose left her family behind: Family meant everything to Rose growing up. It was all she ever had as she was pulled out of school at the age of 5 and was home schooled ever since. She never went outside as she had no friends and her family never encouraged her to do so as they were over protective with her. Horror movies, violence, loss, and other negative things were kept out her life as Rose's parents wanted her to remain pure and know that life is something she could enjoy without fear. But this wasn't the same for Rose's younger sister. As Rose was the first child, she was the "project child". Her parents wondered if their methods with Rose were really the best methods and wanted to see if letting their second child live a normal would be better. Rose's sister was aloud to go to public school, go outside and hang with friends, and do things like explore the outside world. Rose never understood what was so interesting about the outside world as she knew nothing about it. The only thing she did know was what her parents taught her and because of that Rose wasn't really that emotional of a fox or even someone who had interest in anything. She was like a machine in a way. All of this changed one day when she heard her mother crying in the living room. Her father was trying to comfort her mother but she just kept crying. Rose never really saw her parents cry so she was curious as to what was going on. When she asked what happened her parents explained to her that her sister was hit from a drunk diver and was killed. Being the clueless fox that she was she asked what killed meant. Upon hearing their answer Rose couldn't help but feel something inside her acing up. She felt...sad. A tear rolled down her face and she couldn't understand why. For the 20 years she was alive she never experienced this before. What was going on with her body and why did she feel this way? Rose went back into her room and started to wonder just what was going on? Something came over her and for the first time in her life she decided that maybe there was something to explore outside of her own home. With the money that her family had gave her through the years, Rose left over night and fled the country. She wanted to she what the world was like and why people felt the way they did. If others were able to experience these things and feelings then why couldn't she?

Ryan Cortes by Saur-ssb
Name: Ryan Cortes
Species: Deer
Age: 21
Height: 5 feet 7 inches (1.74 meters)
Weight: 154 Pounds (70 kilograms)
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Eye color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Fur Color: Brown with various black spots of fur
Looks: Cut on his cheek, glasses, prefers to dress lightly, 
Birthday:March 5th
Origin: Cleveland, Ohio
Current Residence: Griffon City
Hair Style: Short, neck length

Past: Growing up, Ryan never really had any friends. His original home town was filled with crime and over 90% of the crime came from predators which lead him to believe that they were generally bad animals. His school also didn't help with that problem either as the bullies there were also primarily predators. While his natural instinct was to group up whenever he felt threaten he just couldn't bring himself to do it as the non predators there were friends with predators. He didn't want to associate himself with anyone who was friends with predators as they were probably badly influenced. It wasn't until his final year of school when his family found a new job somewhere far away from the crime induced streets of his old home town. While he was happy to hear about the move he wasn't happy to hear where they were moving. Griffon City was the destination and upon his research of the place, it was a city dominated by foxes. This led him to believe that nothing really would of changed for him.He wanted to protest the move but anything seemed better than where they currently lived. A new city meant a new school and Ryan wasn't looking forward to this school. Just as he expected, there were plenty of foxes. But foxes weren't really that aggressive back at home so hopefully he thought they would be the same here as well. 

A New Outlook: The more time he spent in Griffon City, the more he started to realize that the city actually wasn't anywhere as bad as he thought. Whenever he walked the streets he never really felt as if someone would try to rob him. Whenever he went to school rarely saw anyone being attacked or any harsh words be thrown at someone. He even started to make friends with some of the creatures there and it was through those friends he started to see that not everyone is as simple as they were back homes. He was concerned about the fact that his friends were also friends with predators but he realized that his friends were still as normal as he was. He started to think that maybe predators weren't as influential as he thought. It wasn't until one day where he was eating with friends and a predator needed a spot to sit at. His friends let the predator join them and he sat right next to Ryan. This left the deer feeling a bit uneasy at first but the whole time the predator was there, he was really polite. The blue fox wasn't loud, he asked for others to pass him something if he needed something, and even when they were done eating he threw his tray in the trash can instead of tossing it onto the floor. Ryan even checked his pockets afterwards to see if everything was still there and to his surprise, it was.

Equality: After lunch, Ryan was curious as to who the blue fox was. He quickly tried to catch him before the tardy bell rang and to his surprise the fox was actually in his last period class. The fox's name was Winston Stark and apparently he was Ryan's neighbor. Knowing this, he decided to spend some time at Winston's place and it was from here that he learned that maybe he was blinded about the truth. None of the bad things that happened back in his old neighborhood happened to him with his time with Winston. If Winston was an exception from everything he experienced then what was stopping other predators from being the same? It was like he was hit with a truck when he realized that he was missing out on so much growing up. Yeah things back home were bad but that didn't mean every predator and any prey associated with them were bad. Then he started to wonder that if he was this close minded then what if there were others? Ryan started to feel awful and in this feeling he decided that he wanted to help others who were blinded by the past. He wanted to help those who couldn't see the animals around them as equals. Everyone had good in them just as everyone had bad in them. If he could help get this message spread around then maybe he could lower the hate and help others get together and form newer bonds.

Personality: Understanding, analytic, open minded, go getter, brave

Likes: To help others, food, learning new things, games, movies, questioning things, gathering info

Dislikes: Bullying, being alone, ignorance, spoilers, being a let down

Marcela Shapaun by Saur-ssb
 Marcela Shapaun
Species: Fox
Age: 21
Height: 5 feet 6 inches (1.70 meters)
Weight: 127 pounds (57.6 Kilograms)
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Eye color: Purple
Hair color: Black
Fur color: Primarily blue with white (Hands, feet, stomach, chest, ears, and tail tip are white. Everything else is blue)
Birthday: July 13th
Residence: Griffon City
Tattoo: A spiral with four triangles (one on the left, right, above and below the spiral) on her right arm

Personality: Marcela is a reckless girl who prefers to do things at her own pace. If something can be done quickly in her eyes then 9/10 times it's the way she'll do something. Her recklessness comes from always loving to see things done quickly. Being fast was how people, animals, and things were recognized and she wanted to have something that people could recognize and remember her for. This mentality can lead her to being a bit cocky at times as she has high expectations for herself and believes that if others can do something then why not her as well? On most occasions she can be seen as a happy and cheerful girl as worrying about things and stressing over life burns others up to quickly and she rather enjoy the time she has rather than hate it.

Likes: Liking to do things fast caused her hobbies to implement speed into them. Whenever she plays games she looks for the quickest way to beat a game. Whenever she goes on a walk she tries to find alternate routes that can speed up her process. She even learned to eat fast as one never knows when they'll wake up late for something and needs to get ready quickly. Marcela also likes to compete as going against others gives her a reason to learn new things in life. Amusement parks are always a joy for her to go to as she loves the feeling of wind blowing past her fur.

Dislikes: Traffic, people who can't back up what they're saying, being scared, Ferris wheels, annoying brats, people doubting her on her accomplishments 

Job: Marcela decided to become a cab driver as it was a way for her to explore the city while also having something to do. She enjoys hearing people talk about their day but hates it when they talk the whole time without giving her a chance to say what she has to say. Anyone who has ever drove in a cab with Marcela will remember her for getting them to their destination as soon as possible as she knows shortcuts that can avoid any red lights assuming no traffic is involved.

Sports and Fitness: While she never bothered to get serious about any sport, she does enjoy playing basketball and soccer (fùtbol). Whenever she loses she brushes it off as she doesn't really play those sports but when she wins she gets super thrilled. Everyday for at least 45 minutes she tries to exercise to keep herself in good condition but doesn't really care about being super athletic

Fears: Being around cliffs, having her friends and family not believe in her, boat rides, tornadoes

Probably gonna update this whenever anything new and relevant comes up. If anyone knows any other info that could be added then I wouldn't mind hearing it. 

Traditional drawings by :icondingopatagonico:
Digital art by :iconruby-the-fox-0:


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"Man, what happened yesterday?" Laying down in the comforts of her own bed was the blue vixen herself, Marcela. The fox was still processing the events that happened yesterday and still couldn't believe that they happened. Did she get carried away with pleasing the German Shepherd? The look on his face and the moans he made echoed throughout the inside of her head. Chester told her to give him the Griffon City treatment and to make him feel welcomed, but in reality that didn't go as planned. That was the first time she ever did any of those things with a boy and she just couldn't get over it.

These thoughts never left her head. It was as if they were trying to tell her something. Was he the one for her? They just met but everything felt so right with him. Never in her life would she have expected that a shy boy would be her type but he was just so kind and nice. Someone like him would never hurt her or put her down. He came off as extremely loyal and trusting as well. Despite being shy, he even had a kinky side that she was able to play with. What could she even complain about when it came to him? The more she thought about him the more she wanted him.

"What's taking Chester so long to get here?!" After the events with Derek a phone call was suppose to be made to tell Chester what happened but he said he rather talk face to face so he could understand everything clearly. Marcela just wanted him to get here as soon as possible as she needed to just express how she felt. In her life, she has dated a few times just for the experience but never has she experienced anything like this. She knew Chester was also new to love as well but that meant he would have an easier time understanding her.

Laying down in her patience, she started to wonder of the worst case scenario. Obviously she was thinking of all the positives and how things could work out. But what if they didn't? What if she was the only one with feelings? Derek was a pretty shy guy so there could of been a possibility that he was only being as nice as he was because he didn't know how to break the news to her. Boys had a thing for pleasure and Derek could of been lost in his lust to where it was affecting how he felt. The thought of this worried Marcela but she couldn't say for sure. She still wanted to spend time with the German Shepherd so she could get a better understanding of him. Everything she thought of was just speculation and she wasn't going to judge him until she had a better understanding of him.

A guilty blush appeared on her face as she remembered how warm and cozy his body felt. Derek was a big boy and there was a whole lot of him to have just for herself. The thought of resting her head on his warm chest as he wrapped his arms around her made her feel so loved that she just wanted to leave now and go visit him. But was it to early to go see him? What if she was taking things to quickly. If she really wanted to and didn't restrict herself she could of probably had sex with him that very same day. They were so close to doing it that it scared her a little. Maybe a little wait till seeing him wouldn't hurt, but how could she resist herself from seeing him? The more she tried to forget about him was what made her think about him even more.

The sound of her doorbell was heard echoing throughout her house and immediately she hopped off of her bed and ran into her living room. Without a doubt she knew it was going to be Chester and if it wasn't then she would just have to go get him herself. Unlocking her door, Marcela then opened quickly as behind the door was her cheetah friend.

"Sorry I'.....WOAH!"

Grabbing him by his hand, Marcela quickly dragged him into her house as they went straight towards her room. She sat him down on her bed as she sat next to him and glared at him. "This is all your fault!"

"Huh?!" Chester said looking at her confused. He tried to think of what things he did recently and none of them came off as things he could be blamed for. "What did I even do?!"

"You know damn well what you did! Ever since yesterday, all I could think about was Derek. His big warm body. His innocent smile. And those bright blue eyes of his. I just want him so badly but I don't wanna rush anything!"

"Wait, you have feelings for him?! How?! When?! Why?!"

"Oh, I don't know. How about the fact you said give him a good and memorable time? I think we both had a memorable time Chester."

"Wait, wait, wait. Lets get this cleared right quick. By memorable time what exactly do you mean? I did say give him the Griffon City treatment so hopefully we both have the same meaning of that."

"I honked his nose, did some bondage, poked his butt, and......gave him a handjob......"

"PPPHHHHFFT!" Chester was trying his best to hold back a laugh as a blush appeared on the blue vixen's face showing how embarrassed she was. "What made you want to give him a handjob in the first place? I don't know about you, but I don't recall having my member being groped by beautiful girls right away."

"Someone just end me already." Marcela said as she covered her blushing face with her hands. "This is what happened and listen up carefully as I'm not gonna explain myself more than once! So before we did anything I had him strip down to nothing but his underwear. Right away I saw a little package of his but I paid it no mind at the time. Then I cuffed him and blindfolded him before bringing him into his room. After a short wait I walked back into his room and slowly took the blindfold off so he could she what was about to happen. I sat on his lap and started to kiss. It was there I started to feel him erect and oh boy was he a big boy. After tying him down and playing around with his body, I looked at his underwear and noticed that he was fully erected. I wanted to feel how big he really was and his size blew me away. It was so big and warm! Every stroke made it throb some more and I saw how crazy the pleasure made him respond. I just couldn't help myself. Seeing him so pleased made me so happy for some reason and I was taking joy in what I was doing." Marcela grabbed the pillow from her bed and covered her face with it.

Chester patted his blue friend on her back as he could see she wasn't sure how to feel. "It's alright Marcela. There's no right or wrong way to start a relationship or express your love for someone. Well there is a wrong way but that's a topic for another day. But let me tell you this from personal experience. Look at me, this is the first relationship I ever been in. Before it even started I was so scared of WHAT could happen that I wasn't thinking of the possibility of all the good things that could happen. I was wondering, should I get advice or help when it came to Erica? What if I messed up and she didn't want to date me? She's a big strong lioness that's a few years older than me and has her life set already. What could see possibly want from a smaller, weaker, childish feline like myself? What could I possibly give her that another feline couldn't? Go on, take a guess."

Marcela removed the pillow from her face and started to think of what could Chester give his girlfriend. The cheetah was a very fierce and competitive guy that could help anyone stay on there game. He was also very honest and supportive when he really needed to be. Chester was someone who you needed to get to know before you could judge him but no matter what, she couldn't think of anything. "I...I don't know."

The feline wrapped his arm around the vixen and smiled at her. "Love Marcela, and from the heart. I could give Erica anything in the world but that wouldn't mean she would love me at all. She cares for me cause I care for her. Whenever I look at her I don't say, look at how hot my girlfriend is or check out that sexy ass of hers. The way I feel for her can't be expressed with words but she makes me feel so special whenever I'm around her. And I can see that's how you feel with Derek. You did something special for him that you wouldn't likely do for anyone else. When you saw how he looked you told me he didn't seem to interesting but from spending that day with him I can see that he hit a soft spot in you. A spot you never had a boy show you before. He's not like me where I'm full of myself and I love to show what I can do. He's quite and shy. You know he won't ever really try to show off or be to flashy. With him, you know he'll care for you just for being you. And you love that feeling. So there's nothing to worry about Marcela. You will be in great hands if you really do care for him."

The vixen let out a sigh of relief as Chester's words really did help her feel better about herself. Even if she was still unsure about some things, she didn't care as much as she knew that it was perfectly fine. Not everything was going to be as easy as 1...2...3 and she accepted that. "You know what Chester? You have a big mouth but a lot of useful things come out from that mouth. I don't know what I would of did without you."

"I can answer that easily. Nothing, cause you would of never fell in love or met him if it wasn't for me!" Both friends erupted with laughter as Marcela grabbed the cheetah by his nose and giggled.

"For your kind words and help, I'll pay you with a meal. Come with me Spots cause I'm gonna fill that scrawny belly of yours up." Releasing his nose, Marcela climbed off of her bed as she made her way over to the kitchen. Chester rubbed his stomach as he was looking forward to having himself a home cooked meal. Quite the rocky start happened today but in the end, they both walked out of it as even closer friends.
True Feelings
A follow up of:…
Marcela starts to wonder just what is it she's feeling. With the help of Chester she's able to understand just what is it she wants. What she's going to do from here is completely up to her

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"Marcela, can I ask you for a favor? And I'm serious when I say that this is a big favor that I need." On side of Marcela was her cheetah friend, Chester. The two friends were sitting next to each other in Chester's hotel room having a friendly chat. It wasn't often that the feline asked for favors but when he did, it was usually something important. 

Judging from the sound of his voice, Marcela could tell that he was serious about this. But what could she do for him that he would need? "Sure thing. You're a great friend Chester and I know you wouldn't need me to do anything weird or dumb. So what is it?"

There was a moment of silence going on as Chester just wasn't sure how to bring it up. By no means was he nervous about asking this. It was more on how he should ask for the favor. If he came off then wrong way then he could easily upset his blue vixen friend which is what he was trying to avoid. Taking a deep breath of air, Chester decided to open his mouth and ask. "I have this friend. He's kinda shy and fairly new to the city. And I was wondering if you could..."

Before he could finish he received a certain look for the vixen. It was a glare coming from her as she was wondering just where was this favor going and why Chester was describing it like this. "Just where are you going with this Chester? Are you trying to get me to go on a date with your friend or something? Cause if you are then just ask. Don't give me any sappy story describing how shy and lonely he is. Just get straight to the point."

Marcela's words knocked some sense into the cheetah's head as for a moment he forgot who he was talking to. She wasn't a fox who liked to take her time and would rather get straight to the point before hearing the explanation. It was part of the reason why Chester enjoyed spending time with her. She was a very understanding person who just wanted the honest truth over an excuse. "His name is Derek Klendathu. I was wondering if you could show him a good time. Show him that there are others interested in him. You understand what I mean?"

"Chester...are you asking for me to..."

"WHAT?! N`NO!" A slight blush was on the cheetah's face as this took a wrong turn very quickly. "Well...I had something else in mind actually. Of all the friends I have, I know you're the one who can give him the best time and show him what a Griffon City experience is like. I doubt any of my male friends could do what I ask for them to do and Stacy probably wouldn't be able to do this as she's very loyal to Marcos. I'm not asking for you to do....THAT. But I am asking for you to just mess with him. Tease him a little if you have to. Whatever you feel is necessary. I know this is a HUGE thing to ask for but he's a shy guy. I'm worried he won't ever make a move for himself and that he needs a little push. This would mean a lot if a girl came directly to him and showed him that they were interested."

Another moment of silence clogged the air as neither friend said a word. This time Chester was actually very nervous. The smile on Marcela's face was gone and she seemed to look very seriously as of now. 

After a few seconds of thinking, Marcela spoke up. "You got a picture of him? And tell me somethings about him. I can try and do something but only if comes off as interesting to me."

Digging through his pocket, Chester pulled out his phone and quickly dug through his gallery. A lot of flicking could be seen coming from the cheetah as he had quite a lot of pictures on his phone. Nervous laughs came from Chester as Marcela was wondering just what was taking him so long. "GOT IT!" Chester cheered as he showed her his phone. "That's him, Derek Klendathu."

The blue vixen analyzed the picture as she had to admit, he did look pretty good. "Hm, he has a certain charm to him but I don't know about the long hair. Guys with long hair have never really been my thing but I'm not looking for perfection or my exact ideal man. What's he like? He looks like some athletic German Shepherd. If he's another cocky dog who thinks he's all that then it's a guaranteed no. I don't want to associate myself with someone who thinks I'm his trophy or anything like that."

"Trust me Marcela, he's the exact opposite of that. He does play a sport and he's at least 6 feet I think?"

"6 feet? I don't know how tall that is. You Americans and your imperial system. Should just call it the inferior system cause that's what it is." Marcela said laughing slightly.

"Well he's tall! Like really tall! Let me look this up right quick." After doing some converting, Chester managed to find a height that seemed to match Derek's height. "Like 1.8 through 1.9 meters. Somewhere like that."

"So tall and shy huh? Never tried that before. Tell me more about him."

"Well he likes hats. Never seen him without one he probably wears them a lot. So you won't have to worry about his hair looking bad when you meet him, maybe. He's a very good swimmer as well. Loves to help people learn how to swim so if you can't swim maybe he can give you some lessons. As I said earlier, he's fairly shy. So you can bet he doesn't like being in crowds or having to much attention on him. But he isn't a loner. Lets get that out the way just in case. Also he's very modest about himself. I remember comparing him to his family and he said he doesn't think he's all that. He finds himself to be very average looking. Kids, he likes kids and doesn't have a problem being around them but I think that's only for teaching them how to swim. I don't know his overall feelings towards him. And finally he isn't someone who likes to hear sailor talk. So he isn't a very heavy curser and doesn't like being around them."

Marcela started to nod her head as she heard some pretty interesting things about him. "I was worried about the shy part at first but if that means he doesn't like to show off and is very modest about himself then I won't ever have to worry about him gaining an ego. And someone who can handle kids is always nice as I don't want to hear someone complaining over and over how annoying they are. He sounds like a cute boy to me. The type of boy I would love to hug and cuddle with. But I wanna see what else I can try and do with him. You go yourself a deal Chester. But letting you know now, if things don't go smoothly you definitely owe me more than just one."

"Don't worry, I'm sure everything will go smoothly. I'll give him a call and ask when he's free. That's the day I'll have you visit."


Two days had passed since Chester and Marcela spoke about Derek and today was the day their agreement would take place. Derek was already told ahead of time that he would be expecting a guest coming to visit him so the only surprise coming his way would be during the meet up. Chester wasn't exactly sure what Marcela would do but he was certain it would be sorta helpful to the German Shepherd.

Sitting in her car and making sure she had everything ready was Marcela. The vixen was talking with Chester over the phone to make sure everything was ready. A box was sitting on the back seat and inside of it was all the fun things just waiting to be used. 

"Remember Marcela, he's a shy boy. You'll have to work things onto him." Chester said just to make sure Marcela understood that.

"Don't worry Chester. I have everything under control. I'll speak with you once I'm done with him." Pulling the keys out her car, Marcela opened her door and walked out of the car. She made her way over to Derek's house where she quickly knocked onto the door and waited for a response. Footsteps were heard coming her way as the door opened to reveal the German Shepherd.

Looking at each other face to face, Marcela could see the size difference right away but wasn't scared in the slightest. A smile remained on her face as she spoke up to the boy. "So you're Derek huh? I was told you were a shy boy but I gotta say you look like a really attractive boy to me."

A blush appeared on Derek's face as he wasn't sure how to reply to that. "Thanks, but I'm not that attractive. If anyone here is attractive it's you." The nervous blush slowly faded away as a small smile appeared on his face. "So you're Chester's friend, Marcela?"

"That's me, Marcela Shapaun. I see Chester told you about me."

"He did. Chester told me you were a blue vixen and that was pretty shocking to hear. I never seen a blue fox before. And he also told me you found me interesting. Is that true?"

Marcela looked at Derek and nodded her head. "You do sound very interesting to me. I'm friends with a lot of different type of people. Nerdy, funny, cocky, arrogant, cool but I don't know about shy. Shy people normally kept to themselves and didn't say much so I never bothered with them. Because of that, I wanted to try and meet you. You sound interesting but who knows if you really are? I wanna see that for my own eyes and maybe the two of us can become great friends."

Derek pushed the door fully opened as he smiled towards Marcela. "Come on in. No need for us to stand and talk."

Walking herself into his house, Marcela felt a warm feeling in her heart. She couldn't say for sure but it seemed like he had some type of trust in her even if it wasn't a lot. 

Taking a seat on his couch, the vixen waved towards the German Shepherd in an attempts to get him to come over. The Klendathu didn't see why not and decided to walk over to her after shutting the door. "So Derek, tell me about yourself. Why are a shy boy anyway? You seem pretty big and judging by these muscles you must be a pretty strong guy." Marcela asked as she felt his arms.

A rose tinted blush slowly appeared on his face as he answered her question. "I was never the type of dog who liked attention. Having everyone's eyes on me felt like they were expecting something out of me. And the pressure it puts on me also felt very uncomfortable. I don't mind having a bunch of friends' eyes on me as I know they just want to see me having fun."

"I can respect that. To be honest, I love the attention of doing something unique or performing something at a high standard. In a way, it's like you're being rewarded for your skill. People want to be entertained but they also want to see others pushing themselves to a higher limit. The world is constantly changing and I wanna show others that we can change with it faster than it can change on us. But we're all different. Just because someone else can do something very well doesn't mean everyone else can. Also, Chester told me you were new to the city. How true is that?"

"I'm not new in the sense that I just moved here. I'm new in that a lot of common things that happens here is quite foreign to me. I could learn about them but i would take me some time."

A hand was felt on Derek's shoulder as he looked down to see a smiling fox looking at him. "You're in luck then. Chester told me you would need some help with that so why don't I show you a thing or two about why you boys love this city so much?" Her hand moved from his shoulder to his nose as Derek felt slight pressure being pressed onto his nose. "You have a fairly long snout so it's best to get use to this."

Derek couldn't help but laugh a little as he spoke in a nasally tone. "I thought this was something only my crazy cousins did for fun?"

"Can you say that again? You actually sound pretty funny like that. Please Derek? Just for me?" 

Derek couldn't resist the cute face Marcela was giving him and gave into her demands. "Fine. Hey there Marcela, it's me, Derek! How have you been?"

Even more giggles came from Marcela as she was acting goofier than normal. "I never knew this made people sound so funny. I must honk Chester's nose when I see him again! And more than just your cousins do this. Seems to be a pretty common thing friends do to each other in this city. So the more friends you get, the more nose honks that you'll encounter."

Releasing the pressure from around his nose, Marcela released her grip from his nostrils as he started to rub his nose. Marcela noticed that his nose flared up a little from doing that so maybe his nose was very sensitive? "I see. So that must of been what Chester meant when he said there were a bunch of crazies in this city waiting to honk me." Both canines started to laugh in unison as it seemed they were enjoying each other's company.

"Don't listen to Chester about crazy people cause he believes us foxes are crazy. And as you can see, I'm far from crazy. So how about I show you another Griffon City specialty?"

"Sure." Derek said nodding his head. "I'm ready when you are."

"Follow me then. Cause I have it waiting for you in my car." 

Derek was confused as to what IT was. If it was sitting in her car then odds were it was something pretty big. Both Marcela and Derek got off from the couch as they made their way out of the house. Marcela unlocked her car door and opened the backseat where Derek saw quite a large box inside of it. Reaching into the car, Derek got a good grip of the box and slowly pulled it from out the car. Once it was out Marcela closed her door and locked the car. 

The box wasn't as heavy as Derek thought it would be as he was able to carry it with relative ease. He also didn't shake the box as he had no idea what was inside of it. Any questions he had to ask were casted aside as he carried the box straight into his house with the fox following behind him.

Sitting the box down gently, Derek looked over to Marcela and asked, "So can I open it now?"

A mischievous smirk was on her face as she nodded her head. "Go ahead big boy. This is where the real fun begins."

Not really sure what he meant by that, Derek then decided to slowly peel the tape from off the box as he was curious as to what was inside. It only took at least 20 seconds to get the tape off but once it was off he immediately opened the box and was surprised by what he saw. Inside of the box was a lot of rope, a pair of handcuffs, a ball gag, and a blindfold. He looked up with her with a blushed and nervous look on his face. "Y-You aren't planning to use this on me are you?"

Marcela slowly approached the German Shepherd as she placed her hands onto his chest and smiled. "Only if you want me to. Although I would personally recommend doing this as you never know when you'll be kidnapped by some other girls so why not get some preparation just in case? I promise I won't bite, much." Marcela winked at Derek as she rubbed her hands against his chest smoothly. Her hands felt very relaxing against his chest which only made him blush even more.

Derek was starting to show his shyness again as he wasn't sure what to say. His manhood down below was shouting yes as it slowly started to erect. Marcela was a very attractive girl and she showed signs of trust. Nothing she suggested was being forced onto him and everything was his choice. Having an attractive girl like herself feeling on him and playing with him sounded like a dream come true but just how far would she go? He wasn't sure if he wanted to know but the excitement of not knowing aroused him even more. His blush grew redder the more he thought about it but that only made him want it more. "You know what? Maybe...maybe I do want to try this."

Hearing this made Marcela really excited as she was going to really enjoy this. "Music to my ears. Do me a favor and strip down to your underwear. If it's to embarrassing for you then maybe I can give you a little helping hand." Another wink came his way as he couldn't stop blushing at Marcela's words.

"O...Okay." Derek replied as he slowly started to strip. He took his hat off first before removing his shirt. This gave Marcela a wonderful view of his fit body and she just couldn't wait to get her hands on him. Next were the pants and this was where Derek started to really blush. As his pants came down Marcela was able to see his member already erected and it was safe for her to see that he was a really big boy. His underwear choice were red briefs and Marcela noticed that he wore a lot of red. Must of been his favorite color.

The German Shepherd stood in front of her in nothing but his underwear as he had his head turned the other way so she couldn't see his blushed face anymore. She found that adorable but also wanted to get straight to the fun. Digging into the box, she pulled out the handcuffs and spun them around her finger with a flirty look on her face. She twirled her finger with her other hand to tell the boy to turn around. Once he was turned around, she grabbed both of his hands and placed them behind his back where she then proceeded to cuff him.

Next on her list was the blindfold. Taking it out the box, she then patted her hand onto the couch as Derek walked over and tool a seat onto the couch. This made it easier for her to wrap the blindfold around his eyes as soon his vision started to go black. Everything disappeared and he could no longer see anything.

After the blindfold was placed around his eyes, everything went silent. Derek wasn't able to see Marcela and he couldn't hear her digging through the box either. Did she just leave? Where did she go? Was she even around him even more? He knew the answer to none of these and this made him feel uneasy. Just what was she plotting and how long was she going to leave him like this? Every passing second caused caused the suspense to build as he had no idea as to what was going on. 

Suddenly, he felt a pair of hands being placed onto his shoulders. They were massaging his shoulders when he heard the voice tell him "get up". Standing up, he then felt the hands leave his shoulders and grab onto his own hands. They carried him off and lead him into a different room where he was sat down onto something very soft. It felt like it was his bed and he was certain that was what it was.

Once again, he was left in the room with nothing but the silence. Bouncing up and down, he was certain that it was his bed but why would he be here unless....No, she wouldn't do that, would she? If she was then why leave him in his underwear? This only confused the German Shepherd even more than he thought and now he had no idea what to expect.

A few minutes had passed and in his moment of silence he was wondering just what was going on. Sweat started to form as it felt like the air around him grew thicker. If Marcela was trying to build up the moment then she was doing a good job as Derek was starting to really wonder just what would happen.

The sound of something sliding back and forward could be heard coming his way as it sounded similar to the noise of the box he had to carry into the house. Was Marcela carrying the box towards him? It seemed like the fun was really about to happen now.

The sound of something drop could be heard right in front of him when suddenly he felt hands going behind his head and messing with the blind fold. It slowly came off but once it was off he was able to see Marcela standing in front him with nothing but a white bra and matching panties on. She had a blushed smile on her face as she smiled at him. "Sorry to keep you waiting but I can assure you that this will be worth it. Now do me a favor and raise that big and sexy mouth of yours up. If you don't wanna cooperate then I'm sure I can have some fun and have you open it myself." She giggled cutely knowing that she would be having fun either way.

Doing as he was told, Derek opened his mouth widely as Marcela dug through the box to obtain the gag. The Klendathu watched Marcela bend over and had a really nice view of her butt. The view was short lived as she quickly obtained the gag and placed it into his mouth. Once it was in Marcela strapped it onto him so he could no longer speak. Making sure it was on properly, she started to tickle his naval in which his muffled laughs were heard crystal clear.

Wanting to have some early fun right before she tied him down, the vixen then decided to sit on his lap where she was able to feel something poking at her from underneath. "Would you look at that. Looks like your not the only one happy to do this. Shame I can't do more but maybe another time sweetie." 

Derek was very embarrassed about this situation but at the same time he was enjoying it very much. The next thing he knew was that she wrapped her hands around his neck and slowly started to kiss on him on his cheeks. Her lips felt very soft and delicate against his face and this made him want even more. Each kiss turned him on ever so slightly until he felt one of her hands go behind his ears and started to scratch it. His tail wagged from side to side as he couldn't recall the last time he had special treatment like this.

Just like earlier, Derek's manhood started to erect even more and Marcela was able to feel it's full size. He could tell he was really enjoying this and this made her want to have some more fun with with him.

Digging into the box once again, she pulled out the rope as now it was time to finally tie him down. Starting from his legs, she slowly worked her way up as she wanted to leave certain areas exposed so she could play with but also wanted to restrict his movement enough to where he wouldn't be able to resist or break free.

With the ropes now wrapped all over his body, Marcela slowly pushed Derek back to where his whole body was resting on his bed. She climbed onto his bed and sat on his stomach as she wanted a good view of the lovely dog. His face wasn't as blushed anymore and he seemed very relaxed but that look wouldn't be there for long.

Starting off slow, her hands were planted onto his chest as she rubbed them slowly in a circular motion. The hand rubs felt very relaxing and calmed him down quite a bit. With every passing second, her hands with further and further up his body as her breasts were now planted to his chest and her hands were now scratching both of his ears. Derek's breaths were very slowly but he knew this was just the beginning.

Moving one hand away from his ear, she then used that same hand to pinch onto his nose and caused him to shake his head in an attempts to escape from the nose pinch. From side to side his head went as his nostrils flared up as an effect. His whole body started to shake which caused Marcela to shake as well. It felt sorta like a ride at the amusement park and the blue vixen was loving every moment of it. It also showed how strong Derek was as he was still able to move quite well despite the rope restraining him.

Hopping off of him, she decided to try and see what fun she could get from his manhood. Walking over to it, Marcela stuck her hands into his underwear and firmly grasped his member. Derek's eyes shot open and his face really turned red as a response. Once again his head shook from side to side as muffled speech could be heard coming from the canine. The muffled words coming from Derek only made Marcela giggle as she stroked away at his member. Muffled moans could be heard coming from Derek as this only satisfied the vixen's ears. This was what she wanted to hear and knowing that she was causing joy to the German Shepherd encouraged her to do more.

The strokes started to speed up as Marcela used her other hand to juggle the German Shepherd's balls. This was really taking a toll on his body as there was nothing he could do about it except accept it. On Marcela's face was a simple smile as she was enjoying herself as well. Seeing the innocent boy in front of her fall prey to pleasure was such an enjoyable experience and in a way she was glad to help him experience this. She wasn't sure about doing this at first but now that she was doing it she was really enjoying it. She couldn't tell if this was just fun in general or if she was just having this fun with Derek.

Shaking her head, Marcela snapped herself out of her trance and noticed how much Derek was fighting against the ropes. His face was very blushed but his moans were very loud. She decided to do one more thing and was hoping this wouldn't push him over the edge.

Removing her hands from out of his underwear, Marcela walked in between his legs as there was one last thing she wanted to do. She heard from Chester that Stacy had a way on how she played and aroused Marcos so maybe the same could work on Derek? She didn't know for sure but there was only one way to find out.

Derek was taking this time to catching his breath as Marcela was doing a number on him. If she were to have continued that for any longer then it was safe to say that there would of been a mess to clean up. However, that was what he thought as suddenly he felt her hand go back into his underwear. A hard poke was felt in his butt and that caused him to jump up against the ropes and really caused his nose to flair up. He didn't know what just happened but a surge of pleasure went through his body and he could barely contain himself.

Marcela took notice of this and decided to experiment a little. Her finger twisted and turned inside of his butt and Derek was fighting against the ropes as he was on the edge of his limit. Muffled moans and words were heard shouting out of his gag as he just couldn't take anymore. Sad to hear that she had to cut her fun short, Marcela slipped her hand from out of his underwear as she then walked over to fis face.

The German Shepherd was panting very loudly as his breaths were very loud as well. Marcela quickly removed the gag from his mouth as she wanted to see his smile for herself.


Marcela was proud to hear that he enjoyed what she did and was hoping that someday they could do this again. Little by little she started to remove the ropes as she spoke to him. "You know Derek, you're an interesting guy. I like that. Maybe one day we can do this again but if we do I'll make sure to finish what I started. Watching you struggle and moan like that turned me on if I'm being honest. Who knows, maybe you'll be the causing me pleasure next time." The vixen smiled and giggled at that as Derek blushed again. That sounded like something he would like but he was embarrassed to admit that. This whole day was something he never expected and if this was to expect from Griffon City then maybe there were even more things to discover here. Little by little he was making friends and some unique memories.
A Lovely Day in Griffon City
Being a Klendathu has many wonderful traits and benefits. Your friends care a lot about you and want the best for you. That was the case for Derek here as Chester wanted to help him see what lies ahead inside of this city. With a little help from Marcela, Derek will soon find just what type of fun lies ahead in Griffon City

Derek belong to :icondingopatagonico:
Marcela and Chester belongs to me


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