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Out with a Sheppy (Part 1)
"You planning on going somewhere Chester? You're dressed like you're about to go work out again. That or you're just dressed to stay inside all day/ I don't know. A jersey and some basketball shorts is what I call stay at home clothes." Slouching on his own bed and looking at his feline friend was the lazy orange fox, Isaac. The fox had a bored expression on his face as he was actually willing to leave out the hotel room without any motivation.
Laughing at his bored friend, Chester walked over to Isaac as he sat on the bed next to him and started to talk. "Just going out with Marcela for some more training is all. She's bringing Derek with her to show him just how different she is on the courtroom. You wanna join us for some 2v2 matches?" The cheetah already knew the answer to this question but also knew it didn't hurt to ask. There was a possible chance that he might say yes and if he did then that would be great news for him.
"Sorry Chester but last thing I need is for you and Marcel
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Casual Convo
"Isaac, bro. You know what this pride month thing is all about? I keep hearing about it but I have no clue what's it about. As a feline, I can easily say that pride month isn't something about lions. Outside of that, I have no clue. You know?" Walking the streets of Griffon City were the two young friends, Isaac and Chester. Today was just another casual day for the two boys so they decided to just enjoy the sight of the city as they walked.
"I'm with you on this one Chester. I honestly have no clue what this month is about. Hell, it wasn't until a few days ago I heard that pride month was a thing. I think it's a gay thing? Cause all the people I know are acting like this month is just another month and whenever I go online I'm seeing more rainbows than normal. So maybe it's about that? I don't know. Let me look this up." Pulling his phone out, Isaac started to look up an answer as Chester started to do a little thinking for himself.
"So is it like an official holiday or what? Are they
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Same Old, Same Old
There's something special about hanging with friends that never gets old. Everyday someone could just go out and have a chat with a friend and each time it would be worth the travel because there's a lot of fun to be had in doing so. But couldn't this be done with anyone? Are friends any different from the next stranger you see on the street? There's something special about friendship and even if some people can't see it, it's there. 
Sitting down and driving a blue Lamborghini Aventador was the orange and fluffy Golden Retriever, Breihzlander. The young canine was on his way to go and visit his friend Kurfust when he was suddenly caught in some Griffon City traffic. Traffic in the city was nothing new but that didn't make it any less annoying. All it did was delay the your arrival to wherever you're going. But that's not to say that there aren't any positives when it come to traffic.
Using the time that he did have, Breihzlander started to wonder what fun things he could do at th
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Walking through the streets of Griffon City was the young Arctic Fox, Candice Frost. The white vixen was just casually exploring the city all on her on today as Dora was busy at work and Kurfust was tied up at the moment probably busy with something. This left her all alone for the day as her two most reliable friends were busy for the day.
But that wasn't going to stop her from going out and having fun. There was so much more of the city to explore and she honestly couldn't bring herself to wait for anyone to show it to her. She just had to go out and see what the city had in store for her.
Comparing Griffon City to her hometown made her wonder how she grew up without all these lovely things in her life. There were so many different happy faces going around and that wasn't to mention that not everyone was an arctic animal or a very hairy one. Even if there were mainly foxes in this city, there were still a large variety of different looking foxes to where she never got tired of them.
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That's a Foul by Saur-ssb That's a Foul :iconsaur-ssb:Saur-ssb 6 0 Candice Frost by Saur-ssb Candice Frost :iconsaur-ssb:Saur-ssb 11 10
Kurfust Tutorial
A day at the beach is always a wonderful time for anyone fortunate enough to come. Beautiful girls, clear blue skies, laughter all around, and so much more! The beach was a magical place for those who enjoyed and it was going to stay like that for many years to come.
Already at the beach were two canine friends by the name of Kurfust Klendathu and Marcos Fox. The two boys were already in their swimsuits and ready to swim but decided to sit down on their beach towels and have a friendly chat. Most of the time the two boys were often goofing around and doing something dumb so it was a nice change of pace to be able to relax and have a friendly talk.
It seemed as if Marcos was bringing up the past as it wasn't often they discussed their youth together unless pictures were involved. "Come to think of it, I don't ever remember anyone of your siblings being able to swim as well as you did. I know Dora took some time before she was even considered good at swimming but what about you and your
:iconsaur-ssb:Saur-ssb 2 25
My Friends are your Friends
Yesterday was quite the fun day for Dora Klendathu as she made a new friend and helped got her settled down all the way up to the northern section of the city. Candice seemed like a pretty fun girl who would love to explore the city and luckily for her she would receive help from someone who spent most of their life here. So much fun was there to be had and it would be such a fun day, or so she thought.
A knock was heard coming from her door which was weird as she wasn't expecting any guests for today. Maybe it was a friend coming for a surprise visit or something along those lines. If that were the case then she could have them meet up with Candice and even more fun could be had.
Walking over to the door, Dora looked through the eye socket on the door to see who it was behind the door only for her to roll her eyes playfully and see that it was her brother Kurfust. Knowing it was him, she decided to play around a little. "Sorry Kurfust but we sexy men kidnapped your sister!" Dora said
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Marcela vs Chester by Saur-ssb Marcela vs Chester :iconsaur-ssb:Saur-ssb 5 118
A Long Way From Home
Sitting down in the comforts of her own home was an Arctic Fox by the name of Candice Frost. The snow covered vixen was searching for a nice place to live as her current home wasn't anything of interest. Her home town felt very empty and boring compared to other parts of the U.S. and the fact that her region experienced either weeks of daylight or weeks of darkness didn't help. She wanted some place where the people and regions around her were very colorful and diverse. Something she couldn't experience here.
Most of the locations in the U.S. that seemed interesting had some pretty pricey tags attached to them and while they seemed like fun areas to live in, their price tags said otherwise. Upon further inspections, she found that each regins within the U.S. had different types of weather. The southern areas appeared to be very humid and moist, the northern sections seemed to be very cold especially around the winter time, and the middle areas seemed to be a lot drier and in between co
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Late Night Security
Working a night shift as a security guard isn't as bad as some people would think it is. For some people, they would love to work at night due to the type of person they are or if they just can't ever sleep at night. Being scared of the dark is also not an issue for some of these people as they know nothing is there and aren't easily spooked.
This is the case for Lynel Silvers. Lynel is a robust Eastern Timber Wolf with a some Doberman mixed in giving him a very strong and stiff body, but the color scheme that makes people question just what is he. While most people would be scared of working night shifts due to potential crooks, things hidden in the dark, or even other creepy things, the Timber Wolf simply brushed those thoughts off as he didn't care to much for them. He has heard stories of weird activity going on during the night but he also heard way more stories of others working at night and having nothing happen to them. So to him, this was just another day at work.
The main rea
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Hey, I'm Crazy
As of lately Isaac has been doing a lot of things he use to do. Heading back to San Diego, talking to friends about things he likes to do, and even just speaking with older friends in general. And none of that was stopping anytime soon as he was gonna meet up with another friend he didn't interact much with.
A few days ago Isaac was laying down on his bed chatting with his friend Chester about not really hanging out with everyone he knew here. He spent time with Stacy, Dora, Sophie, Kurfust and a few others but yet he felt like he could do even more. Why hang with just a few friends when you could try and hang with every friend? One at a time of course.
Seeing as he needed a different friend to hang with, Isaac gave Breihzlander a call as the Golden Retriever was a very cute and friendly guy he knew he could have fun with. The more he thought of it the more he questioned why he didn't understand why he spent so little time with the dog. Just like Isaac, Breihzlander was a very nice sha
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Isaac Tobias
I honestly don't know what's wrong with me at this point. I moved to a different city and yet I still feel like trash. It's funny because everyone looks at me as this fox who's always happy and always having fun and yet it's nothing like that. Maybe I should tell someone how I feel? Nah, it's not like anyone would actually give a damn. Everyone just wants you to listen to what they have to say and if you do say what's on your mind then you're just labeled as a whiner and a complainer. Maybe I can leave something about myself for those who honestly care? I don't know, well if you see this then maybe you can learn a little about this dumb orange fox.
My childhood wasn't any different from your's or anyone else. I was a simple pup who just wanted to spend time with friends and nothing else. I was happy with whatever I got and honestly, what kid wasn't happy with that? Sure we whined and complained about that new toy we saw our neighbor have but we really didn't want it just to have it. We
:iconsaur-ssb:Saur-ssb 3 80
A New Friend (Commission)
"Isaac I swear we come to the airport like once every month. What fox your age needs to come here every month? Are you secretly some super businessfox who goes off and does some sort of secret trades with other companies? You trying to build a monopoly or something?" In a cab with the young orange fox was Marcela Shapaun. The blue vixen was driving the younger vulpine over to the airport when she suddenly decided to question him a little.
"Well if I was a businessfox I wouldn't spend so much time goofing off and doing dumb things with friends. I'd probably come home and head straight to sleep cause all that my life would consist of would be work, work, and more work. But this time I'm not heading anywhere as I have no bags on me. Someone who knows me or something sent me a message saying they wanted to try and hang out or something."
Hearing this placed a questionable look on the blue vixen's face as she was wondering just what he meant by that. He was meeting someone who he didn't eve
:iconsaur-ssb:Saur-ssb 2 0
Dora Klendathu
I'm trying something new here so there's likely to a couple of flukes here and there but I'll try my best to minimize them. This story is told from Dora's perspective as if she was writing a paper about herself. So with that in mind, lets get started.
Being a girl isn't as easy as most males would think. We aren't raised with the mentality that some Prince Charming will come along and swoop us off our feet as we live happily ever after. In fact, we're told the opposite. We don't live in an era where females are forced to cook and clean for their husbands because no jobs will hire females. In today's day of age we women can do whatever we want just like any male could do. Because of that, I saw an endless amount of possibilities for myself growing up. Of course I was reasonable with my choices but I knew if I set my heart out and really chased after what I wanted to do, I knew I could obtain it.
Being a single daughter with nothing but older brothers really changes a girl. Most girls gr
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Best Friends
Today was a very beautiful day. The Sun was shining, no clouds were in the sky, friends and family all around were getting along, and no car horns with aggressive yelling could be heard anywhere in the streets. But despite all of that, it seemed like someone was still very upset over something.
Walking through the streets of Griffon City were two young friends by the name of Chester Monroe and Isaac Tobias. Their roles were slightly swapped for today as Isaac was very annoyed and upset while Chester was the supportive friend trying to make him feel better. The cheetah wasn't the best when it came to helping in these situations but he tried his best to use personal experiences and other methods to reason with Isaac.
"Come on Isaac, it can't be that bad. And if it is, just cut off some loose ends is all. Nothing wrong with just dropping people."
"Trust me, I do drop people. But not everyone knows how to handle being dropped. Like I could tell someone just stop talking with me but then th
:iconsaur-ssb:Saur-ssb 2 175
Art ain't mine. If you're interested as to whoever they belong to just click on them and names should be in the description


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Candice Frost by Saur-ssb

Name: Candice Frost
Birthday: December 7th, 1997
Age: 19
Sexuality: Straight 
Gender: Female
Species: Arctic Fox
Weight: 120 Pounds (54.43 KG)
Height: 5ft 3in (1.6m)
Fur color: White
Eye color: Blue
Relationship: N/A
Personality: Optimistic, sees the best people/things, open minded, childish at times, smart
Origin: Barrow, Alaska

Likes: Exploring, trying new things, hanging with friends, positivity,

Dislikes: Small cramped places, negativity, bitter food, her height,

Info: Candice Frost grew up in the cold and barely populated town of Barrow, Alaska. Being an Arctic Fox, she was never really bothered by the cold but that's not to say she loved where she grew up at. In the part of Alaska she stays in, the Sun can either be up for a few weeks or never rise for a few weeks. Because of this, she either played in non-stop sunlight or stayed inside during the endless nights. From what she saw on t.v. everyone else had a normal 12 hours of light and day where she didn't. This caused her to grow an interest in other places and want to visit them just to see this for herself. Around the age of 13 her parents took her out to visit the southern parts of the U.S. and upon her arrival she immediately noticed how quickly and commonly the Sun had set and rose. She was able to experience and enjoy such a wonderful moment and wondered just what else other parts of the world was like. Due to her curiosity, she often traveled with her parents wherever they went cause anything new seemed fascinating to her. It wasn't until her 18th birthday to where her family gave her a lot of money to where she could pick any affordable place to go and stay at. They knew she didn't like where she currently lived and wanted her to find some place to be happy at. But so far, she's still currently looking as she doesn't want to rush into any place unprepared. While it's been over a year now, she still lives with her family in search of a home for herself. She's still young and can make mistakes, but moving into a home she doesn't like is a mistake she doesn't want to make.
Lynel Silvers by Saur-ssb
: Lynel Silvers
Age: 22
Birthday: May 9th
Height: 6'1 feet (1.87 meters)
Weight: 231 Pounds (105 Kilograms)
Personality: Quiet, honest, straightforward, dedicated, confident
Appearance: Robust, mixture of brown and black fur
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Species: Eastern Timber Wolf/Doberman
Dating: No one

Why he's quiet
: When he was younger he never really had a problem with speaking up or saying what was on his mind but a series of similar events changed that. While he was usually bigger and stronger than most kids, the same couldn't be said for everyone else. There were times where he saw people get seriously hurt over just voicing their opinions or just saying a little to much. Not wanting to ever experience anything like that Lynel decided to just not talk unless he was addressed. Even if he is addressed he usually only answers the question they have for him and that's it.

Once you get to know him
: He still is the same guy once friends really get to know him but he starts to come off as a nicer guy. He smiles more often and tries to joke every now and then. When a good friend talks to him he doesn't restricts himself to a few words. His words become more lively and less robotic. But getting to know him isn't the easiest thing in the world as he doesn't open up until he feels as if you really want to get to know him.

Job: local security guard. Works for whoever needs a calm and dedicated guard.

What he's like: If you don't know anything about him or aren't really close to him then there isn't much to know about him. He often keeps everything to himself and doesn't really say much to where you can learn about him. But because of that people often get to see his dependent state as he often really doesn't ask for much help. Although, he is very appreciative towards anyone who wants to help him just for the sake of helping. He has a preference of being by himself where things are quiet and he can relax but that doesn't mean he only likes silence. Whenever he's with someone he likes or considers a friend he doesn't mind the noise or the extra few people around him as he knows they would never purposely do anything to make him feel bad or hurt him.

Friends: Marcela Shapaun Marcela Shapaun by Saur-ssb A friend from his early high school days and one of the few people he actually trusts. When they first met their personalities often clashed and still to this day this remains true. One is a very talkative and outgoing vixen while the other is a very quiet and dependent wolf. The only reason they became friends was because Marcela was so curious as to why he was so quiet and never spoke ever. They had quite a few classes with each other which is why she even bothered trying to get learn abut him but her efforts managed to pay off in the long run. After quite some time she managed to earn his trust and they started to talk a little more with each other. They often don't say much to each other nowadays but try their best to keep in touch and try to do fun activities with each other.

Ryan Cortes Ryan Cortes by Saur-ssb   Ryan became friends with the wolf when their science teacher assigned them to work together on a project. Neither one of them really tried to hard to speak to one another and this was during the time Ryan didn't trust predators. A little after the deer started to see predators as friends, Ryan tried to talk with Lynel again and little by little they started to become friends.

Likes: Silence, spending time with friends, relaxing, working, GIRLS XD

Dislikes: Loud and arrogant people, people who constantly get in his personal space, false assumptions, people who try and speak for him
Stacy Buns by Saur-ssb

: Stacy Buns
Height (not counting ears): 5 feet (1.52 meters) 
Weight: 100 lbs (45.35 Kg)
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Eye color: Blue
Color: Main color is a bright yellow with various white areas. White feet, paws, ears, and tails
Age: 23
Birthday: November 1
Species: Silver Marten
Origin: Louisiana 
Current Residence: Griffon City
Likes: Traveling, shopping, meeting new people, hanging with friends, observing people, getting people to help her with her work, feeling in charge, making people feel happy, going places with Tina, swimming, exploring Griffon City
Dislikes: Rude customers, people who don't listen and pretend to listen, ignorant people who refuse to change their ways, most meat products, people who call her short (except friends), 

Personality: Because of her old job she meets many different types of customers and because of this her personality can change at times. Most times she's a happy outgoing person who enjoys life. Stacy can be a bit sassy at times when she has to make a point or when dealing with rude customers. When it comes with people she is really close to she can be very motherly at times. The happiness of a good friend is what matters the most to her and she would put their happiness before hers. Ever since her encounter with her friends in Griffon City, Stacy has become a more kinky girl around her friends. An attraction to bondage and a love for teasing her friends had become a staple in Stacy's mindset as now it's like she can't live without doing those things. As long as everyone's having fun with her prankster ways then she has no reason to not act like this.

Job: Before moving to Griffon City Stacy worked in a mall where she was shop owner who worked in a clothes store. She wanted to try something different but wasn't sure what she wanted to do. Her good friend Kurfust recommended that maybe she could work with him at the Rupian Post Office as she knew the city quite well thanks to him and it could also help her find new places to find fun as she traveled the city. Confident in her memory of how Griffon City was designed, Stacy felt as if she could deliver mail without any problems. Working with Kurfust also sounded like a lot of fun as that meant her days on the job would never be boring.
 And Stacy got a work! by DingoPatagonico

Relationship: Marcos Fox DingoPatagonico 's character Beep i got your biiig nose honky! XD_Colored by DingoPatagonico
While Stacy was in Griffon City she wasn't exactly looking for a love life in the slightest. She had interest in Kurfust at first but knew he was much to wild to ever tame. But then came Marcos Fox. Returning home after being gone with the Rupian Army for so long, a party was thrown for the fox where he had himself a nice welcome home party. In Stacy's eyes Marcos was just another fox at the time. He was goofy and funny but nothing to special. It wasn't until Kurfust told them that they really introduced them to each other where things slowly started to take off. Kurt had a feeling that Marcos's jokester ways and Stacy's up and coming pranskter ways would be a nice mix. It proved to be correct as the two friends started to spend more and more time with each other. In this time Stacy grew an affection for the fox to where every time she was with him, she felt special. But in that time of loving him she learned he had a girlfriend already. Despite knowing this, Stacy still tried to be close with the fox as she believed that even if he had a girlfriend then maybe she could just be really good friends with him. That didn't go as planned as Stacy was still flirting and trying to get close with him despite knowing he dates. Marcos was able to tell that Stacy had feelings for him and knew that he had to tell her that he couldn't go through with having them be this close. This hurted Stacy a lot as she just wanted to be with the fox and truth be told Marcos wanted the same. Both knew if they got closer to each other then they were only going to hurt each other even more when they parted. However, good news came from Marcos as he decided to talk with his girlfriend Ophelia about the subject. Again with the clown t-shirt? XD by DingoPatagonico
It turned out the Ophelia was actually bisexual and wouldn't mind having Stacy join in on their fun if she wanted to. Marcos was shocked to hear this news but he was even happier as this meant that him and Stacy could now be a thing if it was alright with the bunny. Asking Stacy if she wanted to be in a three way relationship was weird as he never dreamed of himself ever doing this and was afraid it would scare Stacy away. But Stacy knew how Marcos was and knew he wasn't trying to get as many girls as he wanted. He was a kind fox who only wanted to make her happy and smile. Knowing this, Stacy accepted the offer as she knew the was what she wanted. Not wanting to leave Ophelia out, she also promised to try things out with her as well as it was only fair. If it wasn't for Ophelia then none of this would be possible. The three of them have gone out together and had some fun in public. It still is a little weird for them to be out together but with time they'll get use to it. No ironic comments now, BUNS?_NOW WITH STORY by DingoPatagonico Thanks for being my friend, honky by DingoPatagonicoI will continue until you get up and kiss me by DingoPatagonico

Isaac Tobias Isaac Tobias by Saur-ssb One of Stacy's oldest friends is the pervy orange fox himself, Isaac. These two have been friends since childhood as they lived in the same neighborhood and went to school with each other. To make them even closer, their parents also knew each other and often had Stacy watch over Isaac as she was 4 years older than the young fox. Because of this Isaac always had a deep connection with Stacy and knew he could trust her with a lot of things. Their relationship grew even stronger after Isaac's parents died as he had no one to go to. Hearing of his parents death, Stacy decided to live with the fox and help him ease the pain of their disappearance. Isaac never knew what happened to his parents and Stacy is the only one who knows as to what happened to them. She didn't want to tell Isaac of this so she decided to take her role of legal guardian even further and become a mother figure to him. Isaac sees her as a mom so sometimes he calls Stacy "Mom" as a joke. Since she's dating Marcos he gets the "Dad" tag from time to time.

Tina Conejit DingoPatagonico Tina Conejit 2016 by DingoPatagonico Tina can be called a lot of things by Stacy. Her roommate, her mentor, her younger "sister", her kinky best friend, and so many other names. When Stacy needed a place to live in Kurfust recommended his friend Tina, another young bunny like herself who could use someone to live with and was in search for a job as well. Right away Stacy took this offer as it seemed like a good offer but it was so much more then that. Right from the get go Stacy could tell that Tina was a playful bunny. Smile for the Camera by Saur-ssb Their first meeting with each other ended in a funny picture where her butt was groped and her friend's Dora's butt was poked. Speaking of gropes and pokes, Tina was the reason Stay adopted the kinky and prankster ways. A lot of their time together was spent talking about and doing goofy things. But Tina had a lot of toys and kinky things that could be used to mess with a friend. Tina taught Stacy how to work a rope and how to easily gag a person. Not only that, but she also taught the older bunny where boys liked to be teased which would later prove very useful in her relationship with Marcos. Stacy cares deeply for the younger bunny and is willing to do so much to help her with whatever she needs.

Kurfust Klendathu DingoPatagonico 's character Kurfust Age 7 XD by DingoPatagonico Mr. Sexy Sheppy himself, Kurfust had a large role in helping Stacy want to stay in Griffon City. Thanks to Isaac, Stacy knew of Griffon City and decided that it seemed a good enough place to go on vacation. Another thing Isaac told Stacy about before her departure was to find someone by the name of Kurfust Klendathu. According to the fox, he was someone who could help her get settled down and would make her time very enjoyable. And to her surprise, Isaac was right! Kurfust was just as kind and as helpful as a friend she knew for years but this was when they just met. He found her a hotel to stay in for a discounted price and he helped her find friends who could show her even more joys of the city. To be even more helpful, Kurfust gave the bunny a detour of the city as he wanted to make her feel as if she never left home. A Personal Guide by Saur-ssb Even nowadays they're still fairly close as Kurfust has a similar personality to Marcos and her jokes and teasing works on him as well. She's happy that she met this German Shepherd as without him, her life would of been completely different. Her love life, her new city, and so much more are all realities thanks to him and she could never thank him enough.

Hobbies/Things for fun: Bondage and Tickles by Saur-ssb Stacy loves bondage as it gives her a reason to mess with and tease whoever is in ropes. Marcos is her personal favorite target as there's just a special something about seeing him tied up and helpless against her. He isn't as easy to get nowadays as he's aware of her tricks but sometimes she's still able to get him into her tiny hands. Although, Marcos has gotten her back a few times Easier Said then Done by Saur-ssb
Another things Stacy loves to do a lot is tickle her friends.Tickle Fun by Saur-ssbShe knows that she's an easy target for getting tickled so having them get a taste of their own medicine is very satisfying. Her small fingers makes her tickles all the more ticklish as she can be very precise with her tickles and makes great work with what she does. Playing with butts is also something she picked up in interest ever since she came to Griffon City. Poking, groping, slapping, or anything to do with them is just fun for her and hearing her friends' reactions to getting poked never gets old. 
Honking/Pinching noses is also something she learned to appreciate ever since coming to Griffon CityThe Big Nose Fox and his Friends by Saur-ssbHearing nasally toned voices makes her laugh and she knows it's a good way to mess with her friends so why not? Although with her being so short, her nose honks can be a little telegraphed from time to time


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Just a guy who writes stories. What do I right about? Anything I feel like really. I'm always open for ideas but that doesn't mean I'll do them. I like to trade with people so if you want to do a trade then just ask. If I say no then it just means I'm not interested. Nothing else. I try to be nice to everyone so if you want to be treated nicely please treat me the same. Also any art in my gallery isn't mine. Just stuff I commissioned or something like that :p

Also I like writing stories for friends. So if you see me just randomly write a story for someone then odds are I'm either friends with the person or I really like a character and wanna show my support with the only way how.

People I normally talk to that are pretty fun to talk with. :icondingopatagonico: :iconbadwolfroxy89: ="…">… (FurAffinity account)


Just a reminder that I did move accounts. So if you liked the current stories I do I'm over at Saur-saur

I will not deactivate this account or anything like that. I'll likely use it until I've done everything I need to do or get off from it
June has been flying by so quickly
"You planning on going somewhere Chester? You're dressed like you're about to go work out again. That or you're just dressed to stay inside all day/ I don't know. A jersey and some basketball shorts is what I call stay at home clothes." Slouching on his own bed and looking at his feline friend was the lazy orange fox, Isaac. The fox had a bored expression on his face as he was actually willing to leave out the hotel room without any motivation.

Laughing at his bored friend, Chester walked over to Isaac as he sat on the bed next to him and started to talk. "Just going out with Marcela for some more training is all. She's bringing Derek with her to show him just how different she is on the courtroom. You wanna join us for some 2v2 matches?" The cheetah already knew the answer to this question but also knew it didn't hurt to ask. There was a possible chance that he might say yes and if he did then that would be great news for him.

"Sorry Chester but last thing I need is for you and Marcela to scream my ears off. The passion you two have to win is something that'll melt me down and destroy me. I appreciate the offer but no thanks." Isaac wasn't the type of guy who liked sports. They didn't interest him at all and he could never understand the hype behind them. That wasn't even mentioning the fact that he knew he wouldn't live up to the standards both Chester and Marcela had when they played.

"I expected that answer but I asked to be nice. I can't always treat you like a fox you know?"

"What's that suppose to mean? I'm a sleezy scumbag?"

"Means that you're probably some criminal who I can't trust and know I can't trust. Shouldn't really treat you with respect either as I know once you're close you'll probably try to steal something off of me. You know, usual fox hate." Chester said with a chuckle.

"Sometimes I ask myself, is Chester a racist or does he just hate us foxes? Maybe he's both? Someday, I'll learn of feline stereotypes and will use them to insult you on a daily basis. After all, you leopards aren't that hard to figure out." A sly smirk was on Isaac's face as Chester slowly shook his head with his hand facepalming him.

"I know that was fully intentional but that still annoyed me because I know most people probably can't tell the difference. Like look at me and then look at a leopard. I'm practically a walking twig! but if I was a leopard then everyone would be asking me how I got so fit cause then I wouldn't be skinny at all! Can't be a buff skinny but can be a buff leopard. Yeah fuck all those racist feline haters."

"Not only are you racist but you're a discriminator against discriminators! Shame on you! When is Marcela coming so she take your negativity elsewhere?! I wanna stay pure!"

"Bro, you're as unpure as an oil filled ocean. Don't think I forgot any of the stuff you told me. Should I start counting names?!"

" where's Marcela by the way? Such a hot vixen shouldn't be be left alone for to long. Who knows what horny teenagers are stalking her right now?"

Despite trying to keep a serious look on his face, Chester couldn't help but start laughing as Isaac was back at it with his ridiculous sayings. "Okay Marcela is pretty hot but I don't think Derek would like other guys looking at her like that. Then again, this is Marcela we're talking about and who knows what she would do to a boy trying to get fancy with her. Speaking of Marcela, I just received a text from her. She should be here in like a minute or two. Didn't know what our room number was so I just told her. Also are you planning on going out today or doing anything at all? Even if you don't want to play I'm sure you could come to just hang and stuff."

While Chester was right with what he said, Isaac still didn't want to sit on some bleachers to watch his friends play something he had no interest in. There was always chatting with Derek while he watched them play but he didn't seem like the type of guy who could hold conversations for as long as he liked. Then again he dated Marcela so maybe his shyness isn't as seeable?

"Ehhh, I think I'll still pass. Maybe I'll take a walk around the city to keep myself from getting to lazy. Also I hear footsteps coming from outside. Are loud footsteps so surely it's Marcela and Derek. You best get your stuff now before you're rushed out."

"Yeah yeah yeah. If Marcela wants to quickly take her L then who am I to not deliver?" A knock on the door caught the attention of both boys as Isaac walked over to the door to open it. Behind the door was the blue vixen, Marcela, and a rather large German Shepherd named Derek. Isaac greeted the two of them inside as right away Marcela made her way over to the cheetah.

"So ready to take an ass beating at basketball again? We can save time and declare me the victor already but I rather watch as I slowly take the lead away from your scrawny self. You surely don't seem so fast when you're trialing behind me." A look of confidence was on Marcela as as smirked at her spotted friend.

Derek was caught off guard as he never seen this side of Marcela before. He knew she was a go getter who was confident in her abilities but she was clearly showing no signs of mercy to Chester even if they were very good friends.

Chester got up and stood next to the vixen as they were now face to face, shoulder to shoulder. Just as Marcela had, Chester also had a look of confidence on his face as he was positive he could beat her. "You're as delusional as ever Marcela. Clearly all you can do is talk a big game because you brought your boyfriend for emotional support. The moment I beat you in our match you're gonna go running all the way into his arm and question where did everything go so wrong? I highly advise that you learn your limits before your feelings get hurt."

This time Derek looked at Chester as his words were easier to see. He already knew that he was known to say some confident things but wasn't expecting such words to be aimed at Marcela. They sounded like rivals who wanted to beat each other so badly but somehow he could still tell that they respected each other a lot. 

After looking at the two rivals, he turned his head over to Isaac to see him chuckling at the sight. He walked over to the orange fox and started to talk with him. "Hey Isaac. How have you been?"

Isaac turned his head to look at the larger canine as he smiled at the happy looking German Shepherd. "It's nice to hear some peaceful words over such aggression. Hey Derek, everything is going fine. Spending time with Chester, goofing off a lot, seeing friends from out of the country, and other things. The usual."

"That's nice to hear. You never really look bored so I can tell you have fun with what you're doing. But I gotta say Marcela and Chester are surprising me right now. They're so fierce with each other! You think we'll be able to calm them down later on once everything is over?" 

Isaac was taken back a little hearing Derek's words when he then realized that maybe he didn't know that he wasn't coming along with them. If that was the case then he would have to tell him right now. "Derek, I'm not coming with you guys actually. Chester already asked if I wanted to come and I told him I wasn't to interested. Sports aren't really my thing. But maybe I can find something else to do?"

Derek was a little sad to hear that as he always appreciated having more friends around him but if Isaac didn't want to come hen he had to respect that decision. "Aww. That's unfortunate to hear. Now I'm going to have to deal with these two crazies all by myself. And you said you don't have anything to do, right?"

The fox nodded his head. "As of now, not really. Why? You have some type of recommendation?"

"Mm hm!" Derek said with a nod. "You seem like the type of guy who likes games judging by the shirts I see you wearing in pictures. So maybe you would love to go to an arcade? I know of one not to far from here of a reasonable price."

"An arcade huh?" Arcades were normally something that were hit or miss. Maybe the arcade could be something he never experienced before and would blow his mind? Or what was most likely to happen was that it was just another arcade with all the same machines as every other place, but with different names. Not to mention that going to an arcade alone sounded very boring. "I don't know Derek. Doesn't seem like such a fun thing to me."

The German Shepherd was a little sad to hear that he couldn't help his friend find some place to head to for fun but then remembered something else he promised. "I just remembered that my sister said she wanted to go to this arcade so badly but couldn't bring herself to go alone. She wanted me to go out and find someone to possibly go with her to the arcade. You know, for some fun games and to hang out with. You're a trustworthy friend Isaac. You mind taking my sis out for some fun? That'll solve your case of finding what to do and both of you will have someone to hang with."

Isaac knew Derek wasn't the type of guy to trick or persuade someone. He was to nice to be slick or sneaky so this wasn't a trap at all. So without a doubt he was doing this to be a good brother. But thinking of it more and more, going out with Katherine for some fun sounded like a great idea. It gave him something to do, she was very much like Kurfust who was already a lot of fun, and not to mention the fact that she was hot as hell and could drool over her all day. Spending time with her was something he could enjoy in more ways than one. Plus he was single so he could even flirt a little and not feel bad in the slightest.

"You know what Derek? I'll take you up on that offer. Just let me know where I can go to meet up with her and I'll get there as soon as possible. I just wanna freshen up a little before I got out is all."

Happy with the answer he received, Derek picked the orange fox up and gave him a tight hug. Isaac could feel the air slowly exiting out of his chest as the hug as to tight for his liking. Marcela and Chester turned their heads as they noticed Isaac getting crushed and laughed a little.

"Thank you so much Isaac! Katherine will be very happy to hear this news! I'll contact her right now to let her know I found someone. She'll be happy to see you again! Marcela, Chester, lets get going shall we? Isaac needs sometime to get ready after all."

Isaac grabbed onto his bag and walked his way out of the room as he waved goodbye to Isaac. Marcela patted Isaac on the back and thanked him for making her lover so happy as she couldn't help but to smile at his lovely and happy face. 

"See you guys later! Hopefully I can see all three of you at another time." 

"See ya Isaac. If you need any further info just contact me." Derek said as he proceeded to walk out and shut the door behind himself.

A fist pump came from Isaac as he was actually very excited to go and meet up with Katherine. This would be a very fun day for him as he couldn't see anything going wrong with this. "Ah, I'm gonna have me a nice date.....HANG OUT with Katherine. Yeah, hang out. Nothing wrong with a little flirting right? I've flirted before and managed to keep it as just flirting.....sometimes. Okay maybe I might actually fucked this up already. Just stay calm, and be normal. Nothing could possibly go wrong as long as I remember that she's practically Kurfust meaning she's a great and funny girl. Not like she has a great ass like he does. Or a charming smile like him as well. Hell, I doubt her breasts are as large as I remember them.  Yeah this definitely won't go well." Isaac took a seat on his bed as he knew he would be in a potential crazy ride.
Out with a Sheppy (Part 1)
Here is part one of a two parted story I'm doing. Decided that I couldn't finish a whole story in one night and that this part would be completely different from the other part so why not make this two parts?

As per usual, Marcela and Chester are competing with one another as I like the idea of them being rivals. Chester was originally thought to be Isaac's rival but looking at how both Chester and Isaac were, I knew it wouldn't really work out. But Chester and Marcela are very similar so it works out well.

Meanwhile Derek and Isaac were having a little discussion about an arcade Isaac could go to. It doesn't interest Isaac to much as most arcades are the same to him and that going alone would be kinda boring. But all of that changes when Derek remembers a certain promise he made to someone. Who that someone was? Well read and find out.

Derek Klendathu belongs to :icondingopatagonico:
Isaac, Chester, and Marcela belong to me


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